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Tarte Maracuja Oil Review













Benefits of using this oil:

  • Hydrates the skin
  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • Good source of Essential Fatty Acids for the skin
  • Anti-aging

“Maracuja oil: pure maracuja oil has been known to replenish, rebuild and brighten skin. The nutrient-rich essential fatty acids repair & rejuvenate skin for a firmer complexion. The moisture-rich formula replenishes & hydrates skin.” – from Tarte Cosmetics Website

This is a non greasy oil that ALL skin types can use! Yes ALL skin types!  I have normal to dry skin, sensitive skin with the occasional eczema break outs. I use this product all year round, but during winter this saves my skin! **For the last two years this has been my go to winter skin savior!** And during Summer I use it every other day. I have friends who use this as well and their skin ranges from oily to dry skin types and they love it!

A little bit goes a long way with this product. After I wash my face at night I take the dropper and apply 3 small drops on my face (one on my forehead and one on each cheek) then I rub it into my skin. Most of the time this is enough for me at night to use as a moisturizer. But there are some nights where I feel like I need an extra dose of moisture so I apply the Maracuja oil then let it absorb into my skin then I apply an oil free moisturizer. I also apply small drops to my arms where I have my normal eczema break outs.  It helps keep my eczema under control. ^_^ I like to use this product at night and wake up to nice smooth soft skin!

You can find this product on Tatre’s website, Sephora or Ulta!


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