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Remember the movie The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez and Matthew matthew McConaughey? There’s a scene when Jennifer Lopez consoles a bride with a spray tan gone bad. This scene has always stuck in my mind and has scared me and im sure has scared others from getting spray tan. I did eventually try spray tanning by someone who came highly recommended. My experience wasn’t the best. I ended up with splotches all over and my elbow and knees were darker. Now being in the industry I know that I cannot base all spray tanning of this one experience. But still I wanted to find a different alternative for my clients who wanted a quick solution to a beautiful tan for a special event.

That’s when I was introduced to Body Makeup during a class!

What is body makeup? It’s a lightweight body foundation that is massaged onto the skin to create an even skin tone or a beautiful tanned look. It can be applied to look like normal skin or a glow can be added into to create a glowing completion. It’s streak free, natural looking, and best of all Water Resistant!!

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